DIY Wall Decoration ideas with Newspaper

The walls are a sort of backdrop to daily life. By far the largest surface in any room, they tend to set the decorative stage for everything that occurs within a space. They are also relatively easily to change, using wall paper, paints, and a variety of decorative items. The combination of these properties makes your walls one of the most powerful and important elements in any decorative task.

In a traditionally built house, the walls will most often be square, and symmetrical, with doors and windows placed at geometrically straight locations, in line with one another. More contemporary floor plans will usually call for an open space design, in which there are only a few walls, and most of the space flows naturally into itself.

In a home built with traditional, symmetrically lined wall features, you can use decorative features to add style and interest to the space. Exotic colors, patterns, and even textures can go a long way toward making the space seem interesting, without disrupting the sense of unity which this architectural choice makes inherent.

If your home has contemporary walls, scattered at random intervals lightly throughout the space, consider using a single color or pattern to bring unity to the area. Even if you can’t help but change up the tones on the various walls, you should at least use a unifying factor, such as a single type of decorative piece, or a single color used on all of the trim and molding. This will ensure that the space doesn’t get too disparate.

Another way to promote a unified space is to use the same or matched tones in your walls, ceilings and floors. This keeps the room from becoming too busy, and allows the three elements to all support one another.

Walls are probably the most important decorative feature in any space. They have the largest surface area, and are often one of the easiest surfaces to change in both color and texture. This makes them one of your most important tools, like an open canvas, waiting for your decorative creativity to fill them with beauty and style.


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