DIY Room Decor! 10 DIY Room Decorating Ideas for Teenagers

Wall decors can be any thing that adds life to your home. There is no need to follow strict rules, just do it in your own artistic way. Here are my suggested non-traditional decors to liven up your walls namely: polystyrene wall art, assorted plates, quilts, removable wall graphics, floating wall shelves, folding screens, stained glass, wood, plant wall, and over-sized buttons.

Decorating your home doesn’t have to be patterned the usual way. You can make use of anything in a creative way to come up with something exceptional. I would like to share to you some suggested wall decors I find matchless:

Polystyrene wall art

This wall art is made from lightweight material, which is so versatile that it can be displayed anywhere. One can easily substitute the materials depending on the kind of art you want to come up.

Assorted plates

Sometimes, it’s good to keep old collections like plates in the kitchen cabinets. You can hang them randomly on the walls to create a striking effect.


Instead of the traditional wallpapers, you can make use of framed quilts as or even an ordinary fabric as your wall cover. You just need to choose the right theme to match your entire surroundings.

Removable wall graphics

Vinyl decals are removable designs that can be placed anywhere on your walls. Lots of forms to choose from like sayings, numbers, and other customized designs. This gives you the power to remove and rearrange them anytime.

Floating wall shelves

Since the usual wall decors are paintings, hangings, and clocks; try something that is far beyond the usual like floating wall shelves. You can’t help but take a second look to make sure if it really floats.

Folding screens

If you don’t have empty walls to decorate, folding screens are good alternative. You can explore any possibilities by choosing a best design to be placed on one corner of your home.

Stained glass

To have a bit of elegance, stained glass as wall decor is a great choice. Although not so unusual, this kind of wall art offers a contemporary look.


Birch wood and bamboo are carved images that can be displayed in such a way that they appear as if they are floating.

Plant wall

Here at, a unique way of displaying plants is to hang them on the wall with frames to make it appear very confined.

Over-sized buttons

A unique decor, which comes in a very rare design, is the over-sized buttons for a set of 5. They have various sizes, shapes and color – all for $34.99 only.

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