21 Wall decoration ideas and Creative Displays

Great wall decor ideas are often the simplest, painted or treated in some subtly textured form. The key to great wall decoration is to choose the right combination of color, light and texture, taking into account the complex effect of these variables with your furnishing.

One wall decor idea which is simple but gives great visual impact is plaster, trowelled or stucco. Stucco swirls are not easily achieved by the non-professional, but the effect is a dream on expanses of wall and a perfect backdrop to sophisticated texture and color.

However, walls are very personal and a surprising range of contemporary wall decor ideas work well within the same interior. Some suggestions are:

o Stripes – be it horizontal, vertical or slanted, they can be used to create optical interest. For example, broad stripes can make a room’s ceiling appear lower while narrow vertical stripes are elongating.

o Cladding – using materials such as fabric, wood and metal, you add a dimension to the wall that invites touch and reflects light in different and intriguing ways.

o Paint – ranging from solid colored feature wall to specialized paint effects to elaborate frescoes, one can always add interesting and personal touches.

o Wallpaper – choosing from traditional paper to contemporary vinyl to the expensive specialty wallpaper, one can create illusion with the interior space while covering hairline cracks on the wall.

o Tiles – a tried-and-tested formula for areas of heavy wear or maximum exposure to water and heat. It is usually recommended to tile an entire feature wall to add texture and dimension to the room.

o Stone – this is making a come-back though designers prefer to marry varied textures e.g. rough against grooved granite.

o Vinyl Text – take your favorite poem or quote and turn it into wall art with cut-out vinyl lettering.

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